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"50 Years of Doctor Who" by Eclectic Method

The Numbers Gamer (ft. Chuck Brown) by @thieverycorpdc 

Tonight at the Howard Theatre - Tribute to Chuck Brown with The Chuck Brown Band & Black Alley

The Secret Science Boards of TED And The Question of Consciousness


Artifacts - Wrong Side Of Da Tracks


MOTION POTION @ BURNING MAN 2014 Camping with the Janky Barge - 4:30 @ H Monday 11pm – Disco Knights – 2:00 and I 2am – Steampunk Saloon – 5:00/Esplanade Tuesday : Janky Barge Wednesday 5 pm: Apres Ski 2:45 and Darjeeling 9-11pm: Space Cowboys Hoedown (deep playa) Thursday: Hosting The Janky Barge Funk Night feat. Fort Knox Five, Ali B, Slynk, Funk Hunters, Trotter, Timothy Wisdom, Vinyl Ritchie, Foxy Moron, Deckard, and the Crossroads Band (Jazz Mafia) - Look for us near the biggest fire until 4:30am when we move to sunrise saloon) 11pm: The Janky Barge with Vinyl Ritchie & Foxy Moron 5:30am: Sunrise Saloon on the Janky Barge Friday Noon: Basshenge with Trotter 2 pm: Camp Funkytown Midnight: Garage Mahal Artcar (Triangle Light with a big fire on top) Extended Talking Heads Set Saturday – On the Janky Barge – Radiohead set late AM sometime after the Burn http://on.fb.me/1waePCJ via Facebook http://on.fb.me/1vj3HiP